Ticket refund:


You can refund your ticket online. For doing this, you should see homepage and select "login", then you choose the refund option. After that you will be logged in to your user account. Now you can refund your seat while Complete the requested information. The ticket fee will be deposited into your account after deduction of legal offenses and cost of banking services.


Tickets have more than one hour left until service time includes 10% refund. Tickets have less than one hour left until service time or expired includes 50% refund.


Note the tickets can be refund online that are not printed by the sales department Otherwise you can go to the passenger company located in the city of origin to get your ticket back.


Ticket replacement:


You can replace your ticket online. You should purchase a new ticket and refund the previous one with deduction of offenses.If you refer to the relevant representative of the company by announcing that you have changed the ticket it will extradited without a fine.